About Us

Over view : Islamic educational institution that aims towards producing proficient students in both the Islamic and Arabic sciences while striking a balance between tradition and modernity.
Vision: Establish a reputation as a distinguished center for knowledge specializing in the Islamic sciences and Arabic language.
Message:  Imbuing on students the sound approach of the Ummah’s early righteous generations on Islamic legal matters, creed and overall demeanor, based on the Quran and Sunnah and combining knowledge with action.
Develop a generation of creative, pious Muslims loyal to their faith and nation.
Proficiency in the Arabic language and Islamic  sciences.
Produce a conscious and righteous young generation, steering clear of excess and negligence.
Produce students capable of addressing the challenges of modernity.
Curriculum: Combines the curriculum of al-Azhar and the Madani Nesab curriculum of Bangladeshi Islamic madrasas recognized by the government.